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Early Life

Born into a rich family, Lorina was a sheltered child, protected by overbearing parents intent on seeing their daughter become a proper lady. Finding solace in the many books of the family library, she was entranced by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Later in life, at the age of 25, she was married off to a rich, elderly man of 82, named Lewis Dodson. Finding life as a trophy wife stagnant and boring, she killed off her husband, a death that the authorities ruled as accidental.[4]

White Rabbit

With funds gained from her inheritance, Lorina bought various hi-tech gadgets and developed a criminal career as the eccentric villain the White Rabbit. Starting off her criminal career small, the White Rabbit began by robbing fast-food restaurants. In one such incident, she crossed paths with Eugene Patilio, aka Frog-Man. and nearly beat him to death. Were it not for Spider-Man intervening on the fracas, Patilio would have died. The White Rabbit's gang of accomplices at the restaurant were left to fend for themselves against Spider-Man and Frog-Man, coming up short. Soon after, the White Rabbit attacked a book fair, only to clash with the two heroes again. Attempting to escape using her rocket boots, she was knocked into a wall by Frog-Man, defeating her.[4]

Terrible Two

Seeking vengeance against Frog-Man, the White Rabbit contacted Speed Demon, Yellow Claw and the Walrus (all of whom had previously lost in clumsy matches against Frog-Man) to join forces in taking him down. Only the Walrus accepted her offer, and the pair started causing havoc in Brooklyn as the Terrible Two.[5]

Not long after, the pair faced Frog-Man with his dad Leapfrog joining in on the fight. Spider-Man also appeared, out on patrol and spotting action, and the three took down the Two, despite a somewhat clumsy victory with Patilio falling on the Rabbit's back. The White Rabbit later resurfaced with two new accomplices, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse, though the two were later found to be actors posing as her accomplices, as no real supervillains would work with her.[6]

Ransoming Two Heroes

Continuing her misfortunes as a criminal, Lorina was stopped by Grizzly and his partner the Gibbon during an attempted bank heist. Capturing the two, she tried to ransom them to the city for 1 billion dollars. The mayor made what he considered a fair counter-offered for the pair: $2.50. Incensed by the rejection, she took to bombing the city and raised her request to 5 billion. Her plans were foiled when Spider-Man, as Bag-Man, distracted her while the the Gibbon and Grizzly escaped from the pit in which she had placed them. Not wanting to be seen as sexist, the fleeing Grizzly felt obligated to knock out the White Rabbit.[7]


White Rabbit from Claws II Vol 1 1 b

The White Rabbit appears to have developed a relationship with Arcade, and was dating him when he decided to abduct Black Cat and Wolverine so they could serve as the prey in his island resort for rich hunters.[8]

Naturally, the two heroes decimated the hunters, uncovered his scheme, and escaped the island shortly before he caused it to self destruct by volcano. The two decided it would be ironic to give the pair a taste of their own medicine, and abandoned them in the Savage Land next to a small tied-up goat. When White Rabbit wanted to save the goat from an approaching Tyrannosaurus Rex, Arcade called her stupid and ran. Evidently, White Rabbit lucked out. The goat turned out be a focus of worship for a group of Savage Land cannibals, who saved her and treated her as a queen. As he hung over an open flame, Arcade tried to convince her their problems could be worked out. Feeling no inclination to release him, her only response was "you shouldn't have called me stupid."[8]

Mallory Book

White Rabbit from Claws II Vol 1 1

To keep out of prison she hired Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. But due to their failures she fired her lawyer; Mallory Book.[9]

Hood's Gang

During the Dark Reign; she joined the Hood's Gang. She was sent to attack Mister Negative to take control of Chinatown for the Hood.[8]

She widened her reach to drug dealing to the stars, in particular, dealing MGH to Bobby Carr. However, she was foiled in killing him by Mary Jane Watson and captured by the authorities.[10]


Lorina Dodson (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 1

During the Spider-Island she worked alongside Scorcher and Chance and attacked Peter Parker and Carlie Cooper at a Empire State University lab. However she was knocked out by Parker.[11]

She was confronted some time later by the new Spider-Man (who was secretly Doctor Octopus controlling the original's body), and she gave up without a fight based on his reputation alone.[12]

The Menagerie

After her fruitless stint with the Hood, White Rabbit gathered together an animal-themed criminal team of her own, The Menagerie too pull some heists in New York. During a scam which involved the theft of some Easter eggs, her team ended up being stopped by the recently returned Spider-Man.[13][14]


Jessica Drew tracked down Walrus, White Rabbit, and Goldbug, and easily subdued the trio despite being pregnant. She subsequently called the police.[15]

Hateful Hexad

White Rabbit appeared as a member of the Hateful Hexad where they had a disastrous fight against Spider-Man and Deadpool until the battle was crashed by Itsy Bitsy.[16]


Skein, White Rabbit and Jessica Jones, all three women with low-level powers, were similarly shot in the head the same week by the evil duplicate of Jared Beekman. Both Skein and White Rabbit appeared to be permanently dead, while Jessica Jones survived.[17]


After Jared Beekman reabsorbed his evil duplicate, both White Rabbit and Skein woke up in the morgue suspecting that with the elimination of the evil Jared all his crimes were undone.[18]


White Rabbit was among several animal-themed super-villains captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant to serve as hunting targets in Central Park for for a host of wealthy participants controlling robotic drones, part of a plot Kraven the Hunter and Arcade concocted.[19] After learning of the Gibbon's death during the hunt, White Rabbit commented that he owed her money.[20] The group of super-villains, under Vulture's leadership, soon ambushed the drones and revealed that damaging them injured the user, which Kraven had planned for all along.[21]

After the drones had perished, White Rabbit and several others found Black Ant and wanted to kill him for revenge. Taskmaster stopped the villains and shot at them as they scattered.[22]

Sinister Syndicate

Soon after the events in Central Park, White Rabbit was recruited into the all-female Sinister Syndicate. With her teammates Beetle, Lady Octopus, Scorpia, and the brand new Trapster, White Rabbit freed the female Electro from Mayor Fisk's operatives and invited her to join their team.[23]

Judge Elkhart

At some unspecified point, Dodson, out of costume, assaulted the employees of a Kwikkee Burger after they refused to serve her a breakfast burrito. She was arrested by two police officers while Judge Leonard Elkhart and his son Dan witnessed the attack. Later, Judge Elkhart was assigned to her case, and refused her request for bail. The next day, Elkhart and his son arrived home to find Dodson in her White Rabbit costume. She pointed a toy gun at the judge which caused Dan to have a heart attack. Despite efforts from White Rabbit to save him by jolting his heart, Dan died.

During White Rabbit's court hearing with a newly appointed judge, Leonard Elkhart entered the courtroom with a gun and shot at Dodson. Dodson dodged out of the way which resulted in the death of a court reporter. Dodson then had a giant rabbit mech break through the building and save her. She laughed and told Elkhart that the two of them are the same now that they've both killed innocent civilians.

Much later, White Rabbit visited Elkhart in prison. Suddenly, Carnage appeared and killed Elkhart, telling White Rabbit to stay out of his way.[3]


Martial Artist


The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 256


The Flying Hare [24]


The White Rabbit has utilized a variety of weapons and equipment, including a giant, heavily armed robotic rabbit that she could use as a steed, genetically altered killer bunny rabbits, an umbrella that fired explosive and razor tipped carrots, and a pair of rocket boots.[4]

  • Spider-Man discovered that the White Rabbit Gang was actually a group of actors hired for a part as no other villains wanted to work with her.

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