The past history of Polaris of Earth-21993 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up to the point where she was put under the control of the Shadow King. In this reality, she would be freed from the Shadow King's control by Charles Xavier who had just returned from space following his imprisonment by the Skrulls. He would call together all the X-Men and related teams to express his disapproval of the state of human/mutant affairs in his absence. The meeting would end up in a battle between the New Mutants and the X-Men over Cable and Xavier's differing ideals. Lorna would join in the fight, but the Mutants would ultimately escape.

Following the subsequent assassination of Charles Xavier at the hands of Cable, the X-Men would be split in two. Polaris would join a group of X-Men led by Storm who would seek to bring Cable to justice. They would never get the chance as the group would be swamped with fighting back attacks from many of the X-Men's foes following Xavier's death. Lorna would first aid Storm's X-Men in stopping a Genoshan invasion of America, and later defend it from a simultaneous attack by the Mutant Liberation Front, Fenris, Savage Land Mutates, and the Hellfire Club. Polaris would be one of the many casualties when her entire life force would be absorbed by her supposed sister and Savage Land Mutate leader Zaladane.[1]

In What If? Vol 2 #47, Colossus listed Polaris as one of the few to desert the X-Men following the attack on the X-Mansion. As she was clearly killed in the previous issue, it's safe to assume that her body may have been completely destroyed before anyone could notice that she was killed in battle.

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