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Living in the midwest, Lorna Dane witnessed as her family was slaughtered before her eyes by the forces of Apocalypse. She only survived due to the trauma causing her mutant powers to emerge. Able to manipulate magnetic fields, Lorna's unhinged mind rationalized that she was the daughter of Magneto to the point where she even began wearing a costume fashioned after his. She briefly worked with another young mutant named Rogue. However, their alliance ended due to a disagreement leading to a battle wherein Rogue managed to permanently absorb a portion of Lorna's powers.

Lorna was soon captured by the forces of Apocalypse and was placed into the slave pens. There the Dark Beast was charged to determine if she was truly the offspring of Magneto. His tests on her proved this negative and she was left in the pens. When Prelate Cyclops of the Elite Mutant Force began secretly freeing prisoners, he was spotted by Lorna whose delusional mind saw him as Magneto. When she begged him to save her, he had to leave her behind to avoid being caught in the act.

As Cyclops was using an image scrambler to avoid detection by the security systems, Lorna was the only witness to the event and the EMF's only witness capable of fingering the person responsible. The EMF brought Lorna to the Dark Beast's lab where he attempted to probe her mind and learn the truth. Finding resistance, he attempted to extract her memories the "old fashioned way", however Cyclops stopped him, citing the conditions of the Kelly Pact to stop him from torturing her.

In order to avoid getting captured, Cyclops secretly smuggled Lorna out of the pens, turning her over to Valerie Cooper, a human rebel who smuggled humans and mutants out of Apocalypse's territory.[1]



Lorna was a mutant who used to have Alpha Class powers:


Lorna's Earth-616 counterpart has been revealed to be the daughter of Magneto since the Age of Apocalypse story was first published. The odds of a Lorna Dane being born to a father other than Magneto and have the same powers are remote. However, it is notable that the Dark Beast never confirms or denies Lorna's claims of being Magneto's daughter. In the sequence where this is explored, it is Havok who says she has no relation to Magneto, and the Dark Beast does not correct him. It could be speculated that given the Dark Beast's expertise in genetics, and his natural inclination to deceive those he works with for his own personal gain, the Dark Beast could have kept this to himself so that he could continue his genetic experiments [2]. However, this may not have originally been the writer's intent of the scene.

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