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Lorna Dane, also known by the alias "Polaris", was an operative of the Mutant Underground. She was arrested by the Atlanta PD when she, Eclipse, and Thunderbird rescued Blink after she escaped from prison. Polaris was taken to the mutant detention center in Garland, Texas. Several hours later, Atlanta ADA Reed Strucker promised to reduce the severe sentences she was facing for attempting to kill police officers with her mutant powers if she helped the government track down the Underground's members. Although she tried to threaten Reed, Polaris became hysterical when the attorney showed her a document that would be part of his case against her: she was pregnant, carrying the child of Marcos Diaz. She spent some time in prison (temporarily in the same cellblock as Reed Strucker), before they were both rescued by the Mutant Underground. [2]

After going on several missions, including destroying a plane filled with government officials, she left the Underground taking Andy, Sage, and others with him ad joined the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. [3] Six months later, Reeva Payge became the leader of the Hellfire Club, and took over a munitions warehouse in Washington, D.C. so Lorna would have a safe place to give birth after having pains. She would later give birth to a baby girl, who she named Dawn, after the Frost sisters helped her by showing her a vision of the future where mutants were safe and in control of the country. [4]




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