Lorna Dane was an orphan when the Human-Mutant War began. She witnessed Magneto's first battle with the Sentinels on television like the rest of the world; but for Lorna, the event was a little different. Around this same time, her mutant abilities began to develop. With no place else to turn, and Sentinels hunting for mutants all over the world, Lorna followed the lead of the only mutant she had ever seen. As Polaris she lashed out at the Sentinels in the sky and became a leader of mutant teens in her area.

Eventually, Magneto recruited Lorna and her small team of mutants to join his rebellion. She was a valuable ally, and Magneto would eventually reveal she was actually his daughter. Currently, Lorna resides in the House of M on Genosha with the rest of her family. She is completely devoted to Magnus and his dream and is a perfect daughter.[1][2]


Seemingly those of Lorna Dane (Earth-616)#Powers

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