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Lorraine was an aspiring actress who had studied at Juilliard before she was murdered and cannibalised by Larry Brackett.[1] Due to Marlo Chandler being inhabited by Death at the time Lorraine remained earthbound as a ghost who only Marlo could see.[2] After some time Marlo and Death were separated and Lorraine returned to life[3] but shortly after, while attempting to get to her parents in Arizona, she was murdered by Jackie Shorr and returned to being a ghost and haunting Marlo[4]. When Jackie came to Los Angeles targeting Marlo, Moondragon helped Lorraine to get revenge by throwing Jackie out of a window, badly injuring her.[5]

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As a ghost Lorraine was intangible, she didn't require any form of sustenance, never tired and was able to be wherever Marlo Chandler was even across dimensions[6]

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