Lorrie was a romantic interest of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four. Working as a mechanic in the pit-crew of another racer, she first introduced herself to Johnny at a race track in New Jersey.[1]. The two began dating shortly thereafter, Johnny invited her to the Fantastic Four's annual Christmas party. [2] Their relationship became hot and heavy pretty quickly. She accompanied Johnny when his teammates took his nephew Franklin Richards to Seaboard University professor Abe Jankovitz to investigate the boy's mutant powers. While Johnny and Lorrie went on a date later that evening, Johnny had to battle an aspect of Franklin's personality, the so-called "Ego-Spawn", when his powers possessed local bully Franco Berardi. [3]. When the Earth was menaced by the Ebon Seeker, Lorrie was trusted with getting Franklin to the relative safety of the apartment of Thing's girlfriend Alicia Masters. [4] There she watched in horror as the FF and an entire block of Manhattan seemingly perished banishing the Seeker into the Negative Zone. [5] As she waited for news of Johnny's survive, Lorrie couldn't help but think that she was an outsider in the lives of the Fantastic Four and that she didn't belong. When Johnny and the others returned alive and well, Lorrie met with Johnny, but it was only to tell him that their relationship was nothing but fun to her and that she was breaking off their romance, promising to still be friends. [6] Lorrie's subsequent activities are unknown, as it appears that she has not kept in touch with the Torch after the end of their brief relationship.

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