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Lorvex is one of a few Atlanteans that are known to the surface world. He was one of Namor's greatest warriors. He is considered among his own people to be a barbarian,[citation needed] and prided himself of being the last one.[1]

He was struck by Namor for trying to force himself on Tamara Rahn. Later Vashti convinced Lorvex to rally the Atlanteans troops for a mission to rescue Tamara from the surface dwellers. Namor made an attempt to put their past hostility behind them. Later Lorvex betrayed Namor and captured Tamara. Namor defeated Lorvex and dumped him in the ocean to prevent him from suffocating.[2]



Lorvex possesses the conventional attributes of Atlanteans: gills that extract oxygen from water, superhuman physiology to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, and acute vision. He can swim at approximately 30 miles per hour. He can remain out of water for approximately nine minutes before beginning to suffocate. However, he can operate on the surface by wearing a water-filled helmet or using a chemical that enables him to draw oxygen from the air.

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