The Lost City is a long lost civilization located somewhere in the jungles of what is now the Republic of the Congo. It's founders were exiles from Ancient Egypt who fled that region centuries ago for unknown reasons. They were a secretive society that had strict rules against outsiders discovering the location of their society. The Lost City was ruled by a monarchy led by the royal family and the laws were kept by a wise man.[1]

The kingdom remained hidden in secret for many centuries most of those who discovered it never left alive to tell the outside world. Sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century the grandfather of tribal leader M'Tuba discovered the ancient kingdom and managed to escape to tell about it, but the experience drove him mad. M'Tuba and his people dismissed his grandfather's findings as the ravings of a madman.[1]

In the 1950s, a group of Communist spies who fled persecution in the United States fled into the jungles of the Congo to escape capture. They stumbled upon the Lost City and managed to convince the local wise man to hide them. The wise man did so by increasing the xenophobic tensions among the people who lived there. By 1953, M'Tuba and his friend the jungle adventurer known as Lorna the Jungle Queen found a coin belonging to the Lost City in the stomach of a leopard that they hunted, giving validity to story told by M'Tuba's grandfather. Lorna became determined to find the location of the lost city. Worrying that Lorna was in grave danger, M'Tuba called out to their mutual friend, Greg Knight who followed after her.[1]

Meanwhile, Lorna found the location of the Lost City and soon found herself captured by its people and was sentenced to execution by decree of the wise man. However the ruling prince was instantly smitten by Lorna and refused to put her to death. The wise man then staged a coup that found the prince tied up next to Lorna. They were freed thanks to Lorna's pet monkey Mikki and slew the wise man. When the locals tried to kill them, Greg Knight arrived and held them at bay with his gun, ending the revolt. Searching the Lost City, Greg and Lorna found the Communist spies hiding out in the city and brought them to justice.[1]

The subsequent fate of the Lost City and the people who lived there are unknown.

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