The Lost Kingdom is a civilization of unevolved cavemen living in seclusion within a mountain located in the jungles of the Congo. The xenophobic society slew any people who stumbled upon their kingdom, although some local tribes people managed to survive the tale and local superstition prevented the tribes people of speaking about it's location to curious explorers. Not that getting to the kingdom was an easy feat: The area around the mountain was the home to various species of Dinosaurs that either survived the mass extinction that occurred centuries ago, or were created and placed there by parties unknown. The only entrance into the Lost Kingdom was an underwater tunnel guarded by a massive spiders and killer plants. Apparently the people of the Lost Kingdom could command the plants to follow their verbal commands. They were a highly primitive society that had not developed beyond stone age development.[1]

In 1954 an explorer named Professor Spence hired jungle guide Greg Knight to locate the Lost Kingdom. The two went missing after a week of searching prompting the jungle adventurer Lorna the Jungle Queen to go out searching for Knight. She fought past the dangers that protected the Lost Kingdom and was taken prisoner by the leader of the the Lost Kingdom who sought to make Lorna his bride. Freeing Greg and Spencer, Lorna started a fire with Greg's lighter, allowing them to escape. The leader of the Lost Kingdom and a number of his minions attempted to follow after them but were strangled to death by the very plants that guarded their kingdom for centuries.[1]

It is unknown if the entire population were killed or if there were other survivors.



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