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A death camp commander in World War II Europe, Lottie Eikenski made her way to America following the war, adopting the name Lottie Hederman. Living a life of obscurity, she began to see the anger in the citizens around her. Realizing she could channel that energy, she created Freedom's Light, and the fictional Ebon Flame, to lead them. Using the Internet as a recruitment tool, she built an army of dissident Americans, Freedom's Light.[1]

Learning of this group, SHIELD sent Black Widow to infiltrate the group. Impersonating the never-seen Ebon Flame, she took control of the group and began trying to figure out who was really leading the group. Acquiring "the trigger", a device that would enable Freedom's Light to disable every SHIELD agent due to tracking devices placed inside their skulls, Black Widow revealed "Ebon Flame" as a traitor, destroying the group, and leading Lottie to suffer a heart attack.[3]

Black Widow then impersonated Lottie when she was interviewed by Agent Carter Tenko, feeding him a false story so that he would later be captured by SHIELD.[1]

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