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Lotus Shinchuko was a martial artist who came under the control of the villainous group the Silent Ones. She was rescued from the silent ones by the group of adventuring martial artists known as the Sons of the Tiger and she became romantically involved with one of them, Bob Diamond. She joined the group, but it turned out that she was still be under the control of the silent ones, and attacked Diamond and another of the Sons, Abe Brown until the third Son, Lin Sun removed a device from her neck that was used to control her.[1]

Lotus eventually left Diamond for Lin Sun, and the group split up due to the resulting tension.[2] She and Lin stayed in Manhattan, unsuccessfully trying to find a job.[3] When they learned that a plane that Abe had been on had crashed, they tried to contact Diamond to help the search for him.[4] When Bob was declared dead, they were contacted by his agent Bernie Klieg who informed them that they and Abe inherited Bob's fortune, but they refused the money.[5]



Lotus is an expertly trained hand-to-hand combatant, specializing in martial arts.

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