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Quote1.png That path Uncle was seeking… that pathway to the past… He found it! He found it!! But it leads to – the 19th century – the French Revolution— People looking at us… yelling for the king… queen!” Quote2.png
Lou Fowler[src]


As a child, Lou Fowler had gone to stay with his eccentric uncle when his mother had been taken ill. A wheelchair-bound collector of curiosities, his uncle had made his home, a Victorian-style manor overlooking a cliff, into a gloomy museum nicknamed by most as “Shadow House”. Punctuated by odd sounds late at night, Lou’s time there had been brief but traumatic for him, and he feared returning to the house ever again. Still, his uncle considered Lou his favorite nephew, and had promised him the house in his will.

Unfortunately, as an adult, Lou married a gold digger named Marie, who had somehow learned he was the elder Fowler’s heir. Believing that Lou’s uncle must have a fortune hidden somewhere in his home, she manipulated Lou into shoving his uncle off the cliff, killing him. As promised, Lou inherited the house and its contents, which Marie quickly demanded they begin searching for the supposed treasure.

After a night of searching the manor by candlelight, the electricity having been turned off in the interim after his uncle’s death, Lou was frightened by a massive portrait of his uncle, which seemed to look at him. It also appeared to move, pointing at a door which had always been kept locked. Dismissing it as his imagination, Marie insisted they go inside, believing it may be where he kept his money. Instead, they found a small library full of history books on witchcraft and demonology, even supposed actual spellbooks, an open one indicating that Lou’s uncle had been experimenting in creating portals through time. Despite Lou’s insistence that they abandon the search and leave the house, Marie kept searching and found a hidden alcove behind a clock.

Within, they found a door with no keyhole, which only opened when Marie cut herself, dropping a speck of blood on the door. Inside, they found a treasure room full of gold coins and jewelry which Marie quickly began to rummage through, even putting on an ornate crown. Lou, meanwhile, had realized too late the truth, seeing that the door they’d entered now led out to a mob of French revolutionaries baying for the blood of their rulers, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Seeing the vision of Lou’s uncle commanding a platform with a guillotine, they began to scream in fear.[1]

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