Louis Belski was an actor who started working for Mallet Studios when they first opened in 1927 and appeared in a variety of horror roles. Over the years, however, Belski grew increasingly dissatisfied with his career as a b-movie actor and his life in general. Of all of his acting roles, it was only that of Dracula which he was proud of and starred in the film "The Fangs of Dracula" in order to initiate his comeback. When he showed the film to his producer, McGruder, however, he hated it. This latest flop caused Belski to go back to his studio trailor and get drunk on whiskey. When he returned to the studio he found McGruder abusing his co-star Liza Pyne. Belski jumped to the girl's defense, throwing McGruder against a wall, killing him with the force of the blow. Not being in his right mind, Belski then tried to suck the blood of Pyne, though he could not break her skin and was soon chased out of the studio by some employees.[1]

While back in his trailor, drinking, Belski was confronted by the real Dracula who had been insulted by Belski's portrayal of him in film. Belski, however, mininterpreted the situation and thought that Dracula was simply another actor trying to get his job. Belski then grabbed a gun and fired, only to have his bullets fly through a cloud of mist.[1]

Belski continued to live on the Mallet studio lot, hiding from authorities and staff, for days afterwards. A week later, Liza and her boyfriend Gary Stone returned to the lot and discovered the body a studio employee who had apparently been killed by Belski. The man then attacked them, Stone having taken off and leaving Liza behind. She was chased by Belski, who stilled claimed to be a vampire, through the entire lot. Liza then tried to trick Belski into thinking that she liked him, but he refused to believe it, always having had little luck with women. As he tried to again suck the girl's blood, they were confronted by the true Dracula again, who took Belski that he considered him a hack and dispised his depiction of him in the movies. Dracula then threw Belski aside and sucked the blood of Liza. Belski prepared to attack the Prince of Darkness again, but Dracula simply stared at him and caused the man to cry. Dracula then demanded that the aging actor accept his fate.[1]

Liza and Belski both later rose in the Los Angeles morgue, suprised to find themselves be vampires. Despite their earlier encounter, the pair now considered themselves to be servants of Dracula. They returned to Mallet Studios, for old times sake, determined to find themselves a meal and attacked the Werewolf who had been on the lot as Jack Russell trying to discover the answers to a mystery of his own. The pair of vampires soon overcame Russell when Raymond Coker, Jack's neighbour and another werewolf, intervened. Belski had hoped that killing the werewolves would please Dracula and he and Liza continued to battle them. In one last charge, however, Belski was thrown into a stageprop model of the Earth by the Werewolf, impaling him on a sharp piece of wood. Liza shared a similar fate at the hands of Coker[2].


After being turned, Belski had all of the typical powers and abilities of a vampire, including sharp fangs used to suck blood from victims to replenish his own life force. He also possessed enhanced strength and the ability to transform into a bat, among other powers.


After being transformed, Belski possessed all of the typical weaknesses experienced by vampires.

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