Seeking to add the technology of Tony Stark to his arsenal, the Mad Thinker decided to steal it from the Avenger's Mansion. He decided that the Avengers would be unable to stand against them without their leader, Captain America. He planned an assault when Captain America was out of town and would be unable to help them. He sent the individual members of his Triumvirate of Terror to attack them in groups of one or two. Hammerhead acted first, ambushing Hawkeye as he sulked after having apparently lost the Black Widow. The Mad Thinker had warned him of which arrows Hawkeye would use, so he was prepared and managed to avoid or disable them. Hawkeye temporarily got the drop on him, but he used an image of the Mad Thinker to distract Hawkeye, enabling Hammerhead to take him out. The captured Avengers were eventually freed by Hercules and defeat the Triumvirate, forcing the Mad Thinker to flee.[2]


None known


None known

Strength level

Normal human male


None known


Costume that provided some protection from harm.


He wears a large metal cap on his head, which he could use as a shield or a battering ram

Not to be confused with Hammerhead

Hawkeye thought his costume was from "Pop-Artsville"

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