Louis Sadler was a Canadian superhero during the World War II. He gained his powers through an unrevealed process which may have extended his lifetime. After the war, he went underground in his crimefighting and eventually revealed his public identity in 1963 to devote time to raising his first-born son, Michael, his most proud achievement.[2] Sadler would go on to have a second child, Edmond, who would describe Sadler as loving and caring father - despite evidence that he was abusive.[3]

Eventually however, Michael, who was gay, contracted HIV and died of AIDS. Louis went into a deep depression. When Louis watched the news one night and heard of the story of Joanne Beaubier he became enraged. He felt that the media was unfairly treating the story. He saw the media as saying that since his son was gay, he didn't deserve attention; that being gay meant that it was OK to have AIDS. he became so enraged that he decided to kill Joanne Beaubier. Needless to say, Northstar who was acting as the girl's father didn't like this.

The two fought and Louis vented his rage. During the battle, Northstar admitted that he too was gay. This only made Louis all the more angry, accusing Jean-Paul of not using his position and powers to help in the AIDS crisis, even blaming him, in part, for Michael's death. Northstar was incensed by this, but the two finally settled their differences and were both there when Joanne died. [2]


Major MapleLeaf has super strength and limited invulnerability.


Skilled hand-to-hand combatant

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