Quote1 I... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I thought she loved me... I couldn't stop myself, I was so angry... Quote2
-- Kaine Parker src
Louise Kennedy (Earth-616) from Spider-Man The Lost Years Vol 1 3 001


Louise Kennedy, was a Salt Lake City cop, on the take. One night she bumped into the mysterious Kaine, in a bar, following an argument between Kaine and another patron. The two fell into a romance with each other that was doomed to fail. After Kaine found himself betrayed by Louise, he lashed out by scarring her with the "Mark of Kaine" and then killing her.[1]


Standard police issue firearm

  • Louise Kennedy might very well be the first person to be given the "Mark of Kaine".
  • Louise Kennedy was the first woman that Kaine had ever loved.
  • Louise Kennedy made her first actual appearance in Spider-Man: The Lost Years #1, however she served as a plot device, months earlier, when Peter Parker was wrongfully charged for the murders committed by Kaine.

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