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Little is know about Louise Spalding. She was described by her mother as being a fiery redhead with a strong will, free spirit, and a good head on her shoulders. She worked as a firefighter in or near Cooperstown, Alaska.[2] She didn't show any desire to "settle down", but she was impregnated by a yet unknown man and carried her infant full term. Immediately after Louise gave birth her daughter manifested an active X-Gene, the first new manifestation since M-Day. In an attempt to kill the new mutant infant, the Purifiers killed everyone in the hospital including Louise.[3] Luckily, Cable saved the child before the Purifiers were able to murder her.[4]

After Hope returned to the present, lost her father, and defeated Bastion, she expressed an interest in discovery her biological family in Alaska.[5] Cyclops agreed to Hope's request and organized an escort team of Rogue, Dr. Nemesis and Cypher. Once the group arrived in Alaska they discovered the identity of Louise Spalding, visited her grave and Hope was able to meet her maternal grandmother, although she did not reveal her biological connection.[2]

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