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16th Century[]

In an undisclosed swamp in the state, a cathedral was constructed by a sect of monks. It was eventually attacked by Spanish Conquistadors who occupied the region who were searching for gold. The monks defended their sacred home, slaying the Spanish invaders and placing a curse on them that they would eventually rise from their graves if a certain incantation were recited. The would be conquerors remained dead for centuries and the monks eventually abandoned their cathedral.[1]

20th Century[]

In 1941, the state of Louisiana was visited by the Angel who sought to investigate the so-called Ghost of Amber Swamps which supposedly haunted the region of Chellcroft. The Angel exposed the "ghost" as insane millionaire C.J. Miller, and slew him.[2]

Sometime in 1942, exiled and disgraced Nazi soldier General Henchel smuggled himself into the United States through the Louisiana swamps. He stumbled upon the long abandoned 16th century cathedral and stumbled upon the parchment that contained the spell to resurrect the ancient Spanish Conquistadores into an army of undead Zombies. Henchel was transformed into a zombie himself and he led an attack on a nearby city. He and his minions were ultimately vanquished by the Angel, who burned the ancient parchment, breaking the curse and sending Henchel and his army of darkness to their eternal rest.[1] In 1943, the Angel returned to Louisiana once again. This time he was sent to stop Nazi agent Kurt Schnell from obtaining a highly powerful explosive.[3] Later that year, criminal Rockford Rico fled into the Louisiana bayou where he developed the costumed identity of the Turtle. As the Turtle he helped shelter escaped cons in the swamps and grew an army. However, they were ultimately stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[4] In 1946, the legend of the Wizard and the Witch was revived by local Frank Lavalle who attempted to stop a local couple from getting married. Although the groom was murdered Lavalle and his accomplice were apprehended by Captain America and Bucky.[5]

Modern Age[]

Captain America and the Falcon traveled towards the Louisiana backwoods to track down a lost friend of Sam to a voodoo ceremony taking place deep in the swamps, where the practitioners were showing worship to the Dark Gods. Fighting the Voodoo cult, they found that Sam's friend was among them and all he said over and over were location coordinates expressed in latitude and longitude.[6]

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