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Lourdes Chantel was a mutant teleporter from Barcelona[1] and a member of high society. She met Sebastian Shaw shortly before his trip to Afghanistan and the two fell madly in love.[2][3]

In America, Shaw was invited to join the Hellfire Club, something which Lourdes did not support. She tried to sway Sebastian away from the Club and its leader, Ned Buckman, fearing it might corrupt her lover, but she wasn't successful.[2]

With time, Shaw grew close to Buckman and eventually rose to the rank of Black Bishop.[1][3] Feeling confident in this position, he also proposed to Lourdes,[2] but Lourdes had become afraid of Shaw and wanted out, something which she confided to Emma Frost. When Buckman betrayed Shaw by sending some Sentinels to hunt him and his allies, Emma saw an opportunity and made Shaw believe that Lourdes had died saving his life. This led Shaw to kill Buckman and take over the Hellfire Club. After the dust had settled, Emma met Lourdes and sent her to Wilson Fisk, so he could fix her with a new identity.[1][4]

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