Lowkey,[4] Low Key or Low-key was a super-villain and the Mighty Sore's evil third cousin twice removed on his mother's side—along with Sore's main antagonist.[1]

The Watchman briefly considered offering Lowkey to become the villain behind a new Secret War crossover to counteract the Demeaning Cosmos' Legendary Crisis of the Infinite Millenium; however, the Watchman finally decided to call other villains.[4] It was not Low Key's only deception these days. He noticed that, although he was supposed to be a big name in Sore comic-books, he was not getting any big apperance, only cameos in fill-in stories for "Tales of Jazzgard." [1] In fact, Sore's solo story in What The--?! #5 did not feature Low Key.[2]

Having little to do, and having trouble to get the poses that Kirby-homaging artists asked for, Low Key staged a scheme out of spite, to trouble all the superheroes on Earth. During this "Smacks of Vengeance," Low Key recruited villains from the Dee-See universe (Jokester, Magilla Grod, Metal-toe, Sinestronie), who were similarly disgusted at home for their own reasons (The Dee-See heroes were becoming so violent that the villains' usual deeds were below the so-called heroic deeds). During a unannounced cross-company cross-over, the villains attacked the Marble heroes, with some of them (Scaredevil and Chaplin America specially) tried to discover how and why.[1]

Revengers' newest member Motorola found Low Key lurking on the area after his scheduled time (He could only lurk for one hour in that area and he had been 63 minutes there). Motorola captured Low Key, made him explain his plan, and took him to the Revengers so he could explain his plan to them too. The Dee-See villains surrendered and explained the details too; they agreed to return to Dee-See because, although they could no resort to alternate timelines to retcon their deeds, after all they got no complains because in the 1980s nobody was reading Dee-See comics.[1]

Later, the alien Smilin' Sulatu of the Watcher species intended to reshoot the classic movie Driving Miss Daisy in "the Mighty Marble Style." In the movie, the Quasi-Humans wanted a guest start to pair with Medoozy and decided to hold job interviews. Low Key was apparently among the several super-powered beings who queued for the job (I mean, a shadow with his horned helmet), but he was not chosen.[5]


Motorola from the Revengers was able to defeat and capture Low Key off-screen.[1]

Due to his age, Low Key was unable to keep up with the poses that artists required him to achieve in homages to Jack Kirby.[1]


A horned helemt.[1][5]

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