Lowell Lovett was the alias taken by a member of a Skrull community which inhabited Dungston, Iowa under the disguise of regular humans. Lowell settled in Dungston after taking part in a war many years in the past. He worked as a mechanic at the Lovett & Sons service station.

Lowell and the other members of his community grew suspicious of the appearance of the former Avenger Hawkeye in Dungston, even though neither he nor his allies, Tilde Johnson and Red Wolf, had any clue of the town's secret. They were simply passing through and needed a place to rest while their van was fixed by Wheels Wolinski. Lowell confronted Hawkeye, much to the archer's surprise, but he was interrupted by the arrival of a Skrull-hunting unit. Lowell was shot in the head and killed, reverting to his Skrull form.[1]


Skrull Physiology[1]

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