In this crime-ridden, impoverished district, in 1941 Captain America came to the aid of Ivan Petrovich, who was being attacked by Hand ninjas. Both men were rescued by Logan.[1]

In modern times, Lowtown was still the ultimate abyss of vice and degradation, where nothing was sacred, no act profane.[2]

In a lot of ways, it's the same today as a thousand years ago, as far removed from modern civilization ans sensibilities as a body can get: there are no rules here, anything goes, provided you can pay the price.[3]

Lindsay McCabe was rescued here by the Silver Samurai from Patch, while he was possessed by the Muramasa Blade.[4]

A few days later, Chancellor Ranjamaryam was found dead in Madripoor's Lowtown.[5]

While Patch was away, Lindsay McCabe, Jessica Drew and Jessan Hoan sought shelter at Landau, Lockman & Lake in Madripoor Lowtown, but they were eventually discovered by Roughouse.[6]

When Joe Fixit arrived in Madripoor, Patch used him to tear down crime operations in Lowtown.[7]

Patch then rescued a US Navy officer in Lowtown and took him to Madame Joy's for medication.[8]

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