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In this crime ridden, impoverished district, in 1941 Captain America came to the aid of Ivan Petrovich, who was being attacked by Hand ninjas. Both men were rescued by Logan.[2]

In modern times, Lowtown was still the ultimate abyss of vice and degradation, where nothing was sacred, no act profane.[3]

In a lot of ways, it's the same today as a thousand years ago, as far removed from modern civilization and sensibilities as a body can get: there are no rules here, anything goes, provided you can pay the price.[4]

Lindsay McCabe was rescued here by the Silver Samurai from Patch, while he was possessed by the Muramasa Blade.[5]

A few days later, Chancellor Ranjamaryam was found dead in Madripoor's Lowtown.[6]

While Patch was away, Lindsay McCabe, Jessica Drew and Jessan Hoan sought shelter at Landau, Lockman & Lake in Lowtown, but they were eventually discovered by Roughouse.[7]

When Joe Fixit arrived in Madripoor, Patch used him to tear down crime operations in Lowtown.[8]

Patch then rescued a U.S. Navy officer in Lowtown and took him to Madame Joy's for medication.[9]

At a bar by the docks of Madripoor's Lowtown, Crule was playing poker till he caught the dealer cheating. Crule, not one to deny his inherent tendency and love for violence, proceeded to destroy the bar and the people in it. After enjoying a drink to his work Gideon appeared, and to Crule's delight in wanting to catch up on a half century of hatred attacked Gideon. At first Crule proved the better of the two, that is until using his ability to masterly duplicate the abilities and powers of others Gideon soundly beat Crule.[10]

Part of Lowtown was eventually transformed by the planting of Flowers of Krakoa into a Krakoan Gateway, a pathway leading directly to the island of Krakoa in the South Pacific.[11]

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