A farmer working in rural China, Lu Wei moved to the city with her young son Sam Chung in an attempt to find a better life. A few years later, they entered the United States of America illegally. Once in New York, Lu had a daughter named Hannah Chung. Lu didn't divulge the identity of her father.

When both Sam and Hannah were adults, Lu was lured by rising crimelord Tenfingers into his Church of the Sheltering Hands.[2] She became one of his top lieutenants, and integrated his Eights, a group of select individuals who had a portion of Tenfingers' power bestowed on them. She vouched for Sam to be accepted into the Church, without knowing that Sam was also a vigilante codenamed Blindspot who worked against Tenfingers.[3]

After The Hand attacked targeted the Church in revenge for Tenfingers having stolen power from them, Lu was confronted by her son, who also revealed his secret identity, in an attempt to convince her to leave the Church.[1] During the final battle, she killed her two teammates on the Eights and disappeared after severing her ties with her son.[4]

Lu returned to Sam's life shortly afterwards once she learned he had had his eyes gouged out by the maniac criminal Muse. Lu took Sam away and brought him to a temple of the Hand in China, where she sold her soul to the Beast in exchange for restoring Sam's sight.[2] Wei then had Sam lure his former mentor Daredevil to the temple in order to have his soul take Lu Wei's place in the bargain. When Sam had a change of heart and decided to help Daredevil after leaving him to the Beast, Wei reluctantly assisted her son in fighting the Beast. She was caught by the demon and swallowed whole.[5]

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