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Quote1.png Sometimes. Sometimes not. Very vexing actually. But now that I'm here, I'd like a little quality time with my Dad! Let's bond shall we? What do you think, Daddy? Am I a chip off the old mutant block or what? But what do you care, right? You were so busy taking care of other people's freaks that you never had time for our own. Well, take a good look Professor. I hope you're proud. 'Cause you made me what I am today! Quote2.png


Lucas is one of the three personalities of David Haller. He is a highly aggressive rocker with blonde hair who seems to consider Charles Xavier to be his father. He held his primary persona captive in order to draw Professor Xavier to Scotland. After spying on the situation at his mother's home, Lucas came across Jean.

Using David's other personality, Ian to draw her into the open, he captured her as well, though she soon tried to escape. When Scott arrived at McFadden Castle and confronted Lucas, the rogue persona used his telekinesis to quickly defeat both him and Jean, having Scott chained to the wall and Jean locked in the Dungeon below the castle. When Professor Xavier finally arrived, he took David's hand, only for him to shapeshift into Ian and then Lucas, who proceeded to berate Charles for his perceived neglect of David. David however soon returned, taking control as Charles attempted to talk him through subduing his other persona. He proceeded to battle Lucas and Ian within David's mind, seemingly trapping them both.

This was all part of Lucas' plan however, making use of Charles' telepathic power to 'send away' Ian and David, leaving Lucas as the dominant personality.[1]



Lucas at first displays power over Telepathy and Telekinesis, but later becoming the dominant personality over David's body he also gains access to Ian's Pyrokinesis and presumably any other powers David has.


Seemingly, those of David Haller (Earth-616)#Abilities


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