Bishop was a mutant with the ability to convert any form of energy into another, mostly to charge his trusted energy rifle. In 2018, Bishop founded the Free Mutants, a network of mutants who resisted the Trask Industries and their Sentinels, robots specifically designed to hunt and kill mutants. During the battle prior to Wolverine traveling into the past, Kitty Pryde sent Bishop's mind back a few days to prevent their deaths at the hand of the Sentinels.

However, at the climax of their misadventures, the Sentinels returned in greater numbers via patrolling storage units. Despite Storm's attempts to slow them down, each mutant began dying off. Amidst the onslaught and the second mutant to decease, three Sentinels charged Bishop to the point where he couldn't metabolize enough energy in time, exploding violently, but taking those three Sentinels with him.

His status in the new timeline created by Wolverine altering the past and preventing the rise of the Sentinels is unknown.[1]


Energy Absorption: Bishop has the ability to absorb energy, for example fire or lightning.

Energy Tranfusion: Bishop can transfer the different energies he absorbs into some kind of plasma energy, which he can then fire using his Plasma Gun.


Limited Energy Absorption: Bishop can't absorb too much energy since that would be fatal to him.


Plasma Gun: Bishop's plasma gun is connected to a vein in his right arm and by using this gun Bishop can shoot any stored plasma energy.

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