After capturing Wolverine, Rachel Summers and Franlin Richards, Bishop attempted to turn them in to the Sentinels who had taken control of Earth-38171. The Sentinels betrayed him however, and attempted to capture him as well, leading him to ally with Wolverine. In the ensuing escape Rachel and Franklin are killed and Wolverine took Bishop to Forge, who had a plan to change the future by sending someone back in time and stopping the assassination of Robert Kelly. Wolverine was originally supposed to go, but Bishop claimed that he was too old and that he should be the one to do it. Forge agreed, and Wolverine stayed behind, while Bishop traveled to the past. Here he confronted the X-Men when the group were attacked by a Nimrod who had followed Bishop into the past to stop him from preventing the assassination. With the help of the X-Men they were able to destroy him. Gambit arrives and Bishop reveals he will be the assassin. [1] After trying to kill Gambit, Bishop eventually stops and and the X-Men and him stop the real assassin, finding it to be Mystique disguised as Gambit. Attempting to kill both, Bishop is sent back to past by Rogue. [2]

After Bishop prevented the Days of Future Past timeline, he returned to future and found his world was decimated by a man-made mutant plague. Returning to the past again, he successfully prevented the release of the plague (which had been created by Apocalypse), only for another time traveler, Cable, from a more distant future (in the same timeline)to reveal that this plague would result in the creation of antibodies necessary for the eventual survival of the human race but not the mutants. Cable was able to use Wolverine's advance healing factor to synthesize these antibodies, allowing the plague to be destroyed but protecting Cable's own future.[3][4]

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