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Lucas Collier was a resident of New Beulah, Montana who survived a near-death experience and woke up deathly afraid of angels. He was kept under the watch of the nurses at New Beulah Hospital and was rescued by Ghost Rider. While on the run from the machine gun-toting nurses, he related the story of his brief death prior to his resuscitation. He arrived to find the Gates of Heaven closed because Heaven was under siege by Zadkiel. Zadkiel had enslaved all the newly-arriving souls and those in purgatory to build his siege engines. Anyone who refused had their soul torn asunder, a fate worse than spending eternity in Hell. He then tried to convince Johnny to avoid Zadkiel because his power and that of the other Ghost Riders could break the deadlock of the war. As he finished his story, he was shot and wounded by the nurses. They made their escape but found themselves on Highway 18 where they had to contend with the ghosts who haunt the site of their former murder.[1]

After escaping Highway 18, Ghost Rider crashed through a bus and lost Collier. Collier fled from the nurses and ran into Danny Ketch, who was revealed to also be a servant of Zadkiel and who wanted to talk with Lucas about his future. After that talk, Lucas Collier grabbed a gun and told Ghost Rider that he can't beat Zadkiel. He thought they would be safer in Hell, and thus killed himself to make sure he was sent there.[2]

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