Lucas Jackson was the son of Sarah Anne Jackson, born in Rock Hollow, Arkansas, he was a mutant with a monstrous form, Lucas' appearance prompted Sarah Anne's husband to abandon them. Lucas was born with the ability to sense the emotions of others and enhance them. Fearing that the people in town would persecute her son, Sarah Anne kept the boy hidden. However the townspeople eventually learned about Lucas, and since the town was faltering due to a recent economic recession, used the boy as a scapegoat. When they attempted to burn down Sarah Anne's home they were interrupted by the arrival of the Fantastic Four's Thing who arrived in the region via the Inhumans dog Lockjaw. The Thing and the local sheriff tried to defend Sarah Anne and her family, but the group accidentally slew Sarah Anne when a thrown rock fatally struck her in the head. Lucas used his powers to quiet the angry mob and send them home without further violence. After burying his mother, Lucas agreed to return with Lockjaw to the Inhuman's Great Refuge on the Moon.[1]


Empathy: Lucas could sense the emotions of others as well as enhancing select emotions.[1]

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