Count Luchino Nefaria is the leadrer of the Criminal organization called the The Maggia . Count Nefaria's main weapon of choise is a sports a cane that shoots electricity. The first time he is scene is whe he hires the Killer Shrike and Unicorn to kidknap Tony Stark. They are both defeated with the help of Jim Rhodes and the Iron Man Armor. Nefaria's main enforcer is the Black Knight, who along with Maggia enforcers have a negotiation with the Mandarin (Gene Kahn).

During the negotiation they catch Pepper Potts snooping around the meeting area. Iron Man arrives and a fight between the Maggia and the The Tong breaks out. When Pepper tries to maneuver through the fight, Count Nefaria orders his men to catch her. Gene Kahn who is the current Mandarin ends up saving Pepper as Count Nefaria ends up getting word that the police are approaching.

Count Nefaria and Black Knight are arrested alongside his Maggia enforcers . Later Count Nefaria and his henchmen rob a bank when the Guardsmen, Force and Shockwave appear. Count Nefaria knocks down Force and Shockwave, but is later defeated by Iron Man. It is later revealed by Pepper Potts to Tony Stark after hacking into the FBI Database that Force and Shockwave worked for the Maggia, but this was before the were outfitted with the Guardsmen armor by Obadiah Stane which meant to Tony that Force and Shockwave had Count Nefaria fake a bank heist.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures episode "Pepper, Interrupted" voiced by Russell Roberts.

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