Lucid is probably somewhere in his twenties, and is of fairly average height and build. His most distinguishing physical feature is his lizardlike appearance, with green-gray skin, a longish muzzle, and bulging yellow eyes. He is of a laid-back demeanor, and intends no one any harm. His powers of “sight” have come in quite handy to the Morlocks, as it has allowed the “team” to see what dangers lay beyond what can be perceived with ordinary senses.[citation needed]

He was one of the first Morlocks to whose presence Evan (Spyke) woke, and so was one of the first to welcome him into the Morlocks’ fold. Lucid is probably one of the more courageous Morlocks, as it was he who went on a food run during “Uprising,” when anti-mutant sentiments ran especially high. Evan was forced to protect him from a group of thugs led by Jean’s old flame Duncan Matthews while out gathering food that night. As mentioned, it is uncertain whether Lucid has a “real” name at all, as this is how Evan referenced him, though the use of codenames would not have been otherwise appropriate at that time.[citation needed]


X-Ray Vision: Possesses a particular form of "x-ray vision," allowing him to see through any three-dimensional object he wishes in order to discover what's beyond it.

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