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Lucius O'Neil was a professional wrestler that underwent the Power Broker's strength augmentation process. While the process increased hi strength, the Power Broker ensured that O'Neil became addicted to drugs so that he could be bilked out of money earned in his wrestling career.[3] Calling himself the Mangler, O'Neil successfully auditioned for membership in the fledgling Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, alongside other soon to be famous wrestlers, such as the Thing and Dynamite Dunphy.[2] Not long into his career he abandoned his long hair and generic wrestling costume for a more stylized outfit. By this point both the Thing and Ms. Marvel were in the process of exposing the Power Broker's operations. The Mangler was among one of the many drug addicted UCWF wrestlers sent to step them.[4] However the battle soon ended when the Thing suddenly started wildly mutating even further.[3]

Becoming totally loyal to the Power Broker, the Mangler and his partner Bludgeon both attempted stop stop Captain America and Dunphy (now calling himself D-Man) from infiltrating the Power Broker's operations, but both men were soundly defeated.[5] When the heroine known as the Vagabond obtained the hand print of the Power Broker, the Mangler and Bludgeon were dispatched to recover it and capture her on behalf of the Power Broker.[6] He was later defeated by the Vagabond in battle, and left to be apprehended for the US Agent.[7] The Mangler later attempted to join the Red Skull's Skeleton Crew. Pitted against Cutthroat and Deathstroke, he was stabbed in the back by Cutthroat and lost the bout.[8]

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Received superhuman strength and durability from the Power Broker treatment.


Enemy of Capt. America

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