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Lucky (Earth-616) and Tracksuit Mafia (Earth-616) from Hawkeye Vol 4 1 001

Arrow saving Hawkeye

Arrow is a dog originally belonging to Ivan Banionis and the "Tracksuit Mafia". Clint Barton showed him some kindness, and Arrow repaid Hawkeye by attacking one of Ivan's men who was shooting at him.[4]

Arrow paid a high price for saving Hawkeye though, as Ivan's men beat him and threw him into traffic. He barely survived, and Hawkeye rushed him to a veterinary hospital. Arrow made it through the surgeries, but lost use of his left eye.[4] Hawkeye then took ownership of the dog, and renamed him "Lucky".[5]

Lucky (Earth-616) from Hawkeye Vol 4 3 001

Lucky the Pizza Dog

Lucky then came to live with Clint and became a friend and companion to him and to the younger Hawkeye, Kate Bishop.[6] Lucky would go on to investigate the murder of Clint's neighbor Grills, but would eventually find his way back to Clint. When Kate grew tired of Clint's self-blame, she moved to Los Angeles, and took Lucky with her.[2] When Kate discovered that the Tracksuits planned to kill Clint, she and Lucky returned to New York. They arrived as the Tracksuits were attacking the building. When Clint and Kate confronted Ivan and the Clown, Lucky attacked the hit-man but was shot. Clint later defeated the Clown and Lucky returned to his apartment.[7]

Lucky continued to live at Clint Barton's Apartment Building with Kate Bishop after Clint was arrested for the murder of Bruce Banner.[8]

Lucky (Earth-616) and Mewnir (Earth-616) from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 15 001

Lucky teaming up with Mew

Lucky had a chance meeting in Washington Square Park over some pizza that caused him to "team up" with Mew, the pet cat of Squirrel Girl's roommate Nancy Whitehead. The two were instrumental in the defeat of Taskmaster.[9]

Lucky was eventually reunited with Kate Bishop by again relocating to Los Angeles.[10] When Kate decided to leave California and move back to New York, Lucky accompanied her.[11]



Lucky is a baseline dog with the powers and abilities common to his species.


Decreased visual perception due to his missing left eye,[4] and poor health due to pizza-heavy diet.[12]



  • Lucky's original name was Arrow, but Hawkeye quickly renamed him after adopting him.[1]
  • Lucky is missing his left eye due to the trauma he sustained after rescuing Hawkeye.[4]
  • Lucky is based off Matt Fraction's dog, Captain Applejack, who had to be put down shortly before Fraction started writing Hawkeye.[13]

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