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Lucky Silva and his sister Good lived in a suburb in Detroit, Michigan with their mother.[1] Both possessed the inherited ability to turn into animals, a two-tailed fox and a wolf, respectively.[2]

One night, their neighbourhood was attacked by several supervillains, secretly hired by councilman Dick Snerd to get rid of high-risk neighbourhood's. A portion of the Silvas' house was damaged by Firebrand, severely injuring Lucky.[1] He was subsequently hospitalized.[3]

Once he had partially recovered, Lucky escaped from his hospital room and reunited with Good to leave Detroit.[4] Even though Good parted with her brother, she ditched him in order to assist the Great Lakes Avengers fight Doctor Nod.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Therianthropy: Like his sister Good, Lucky possesses the ability to transform into animals; in his case, a two-tailed pink werefox.[2] When he was hospitalized unconscious, he suffered from partial transformations.[1]


  • Goodness and Lucky's powers were stated not to be due to them being either werewolves or mutants, but to be a power running in the family, all with different animals.[2]

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