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Lugh was the the Celtic sun god, and was prominent in the victory of the Celtic gods against their Fomorian cousins.[1][2]



Lugh was the son of Cian[4] or of the Dagda (son of Iarbonel and Danu/Gaea) and Ethniu (daughter of Balor,[1] the Fomorian sun god).[2]

As the son of Cian, Lugh was the sole survivor of triplets that Balor had tried to drown, as Balor's wife Cethlann had warned him that a grandchild would destroy him.[4]

He was also the younger brother of Bodb Derg[6] (born to Morrigan).[7]

Lugh became himself the Celtic sun god.[1]

Battling the Fomorians

During the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, when former Tuatha de Danaan leader and half-Fomorian Bres convinced the Fomorians to attack his former subjects, Lugh grievously injured his grandfather and the Fomorian army general, the giant Balor, leading to a Tuatha de Danaan victory.[8] Another account mentions that Lugh blinded and slew Balor.[4]


He mated with the mortal druidess Deichtine, the sister of Conchobar mac Nessa, King of Ulster, and sired the demigod Sétanta. Upon his death, Sétanta, now known as Cúchulain was apotheosized to godhood and inherited his father's Spear of Lugh, which he renamed "Slaughter".[1]



Formerly wielded the powerful Spear of Lugh, which was given to his son.[1]


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