Lugner was a spy that worked for the Deviant Ghaur. He was sent to spy on Kro and became his assistant so he could still from Kro anything he retrieved related to the Celestials.[1]

Lugner accompanied Kro and a fleet of Deviant ships to the Pyramid of Winds at the North Pole. Lugner advised Kro to keep their distance, but Kro refused as he was eager to retrieve whatever was inside the Pyramid. Once inside the Pyrmid, Lugner used a device to blast away a door that led to a room containing a vial. Lugner tried to enter the room before Kro did, but Kro had his soldiers restrain Lugner.[1]

Later, Lugner tried to convince Kro to give the vial to the Priests of Lemuria. This caused Kro to accuse Lugner of being a spy and had him taken away.[2] Lugner's fate and whereabouts after that are unknown.



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