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Luis was the cellmate of Scott Lang in San Quentin Prison, who had heard about his VistaCorp case, so he arranged a meet in the jailyard between Scott and the group's muscle, Peachy.[1]

When Scott was released from prison, Luis picked him up in his van. He let Scott sleep at his place until he could get back on his feet. One day, while Luis was making waffles, Scott came home early announcing that he had been fired from Baskin-Robbins.

Once Scott finally accepted to hear Luis' tip about the potential robbery, Luis explained in great detail where and who he had heard about this potential heist from. They eventually successfully broke into Hank Pym's home and Scott ended up stealing, unknown to him, the original Ant-Man suit.

They were invited back to the house by Hank and Hope Van Dyne to discuss pulling off a heist in Pym Tech. Once going over their roles, the group set off the pull off the heist of the Yellowjacket suit. As the undercover man, Luis disguised himself as a security officer in order to decrease the water pressure inside the building in order to give Scott a chance to get into the building. After saving Scott's life again while he was being attacked by security, Luis saved the life of the security guard he knocked out and escaped with the rest of the heist crew. They went to his house to help him out but left the crime scene immediately after seeing multiple cop cars parked outside his daughter's home. Later, Luis informed Scott that some "badass dude" had been looking for him.[2]

A few years later, Luis moved in with Scott during Scott's house arrest and began a new security company alongside Kurt and Dave called X-Con Security Consultants. In the 3 days before Scott's 2-year house arrest was over, they were visited by Hank, Scott, and Hope in hopes of finding a way to get back their stolen lab.

Later, Luis, Kurt, and Dave were all interrogated by Sonny Burch and his henchmen using truth serum. It was then that he revealed that the company had been going into bankruptcy and that their next job could save them. He was then forced to reveal the location of Scott to Ghost, a matter-phasing former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Luis later helped Scott, Hope, and Hank when being chased by Sonny Burch and Ghost by bringing them the remote control to the building that Hank had shrunk down into to go into the Quantum Realm. He was stopped by Ghost and confronted by Burch and his henchmen who were about to shoot him until Kurt and Dave came to his rescue and had Burch and his men arrested by giving them truth serum and having them admit guilt to all of their crimes. Luis then helped Scott get back home in time before the FBI caught him outside of his house arrest. Later, Luis and the rest of the X-Cons finally got their business to boom after appearing on the news due to their heroic acts at the Fisherman's Wharf against Burch and his men.[3]



Anecdotal Recall: Luis has an uncanny knack of being able to recall whole paragraphs of sentences spoken to him, along with any number of superfluous details, and relay them anecdotally at a pace that can quickly confuse his listeners.

Brawling: Luis has had enough experience in rough company to have developed an effective style of bare-knuckle brawling. He typically employs dirty tricks to gain an advantage over an opponent and is able to floor a man with a single punch to the jaw from a surprise attack strike.


Gullible: Luis can be easily exploited by those seeking to use him to courier information.





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