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Several months after the death of the original Tarantula, Captain Luis Alvarez was employed by the same repressive dictatorship of Delvadia, a South American country, to replace him as the country's counterpart to the United States' costumed champion, Captain America. Alvarez was injected with drugs that gave him enhanced fighting abilities and strength.[1]

As Tarantula, Alvarez was sent to the United States to kill those who fled the South American regime. Tarantula killed Armando Ruiz, an employee at the Daily Bugle, then proceeded to hunt down other refugees. It was revealed that a man called South and assorted allies in other intelligence agencies were supporting Tarantula's government and providing him with aid in the U.S. Captain America (John Walker) was assigned to work with Tarantula. Tarantula and Walker came into conflict with Spider-Man, and Tarantula engaged the hero in combat, while Walker refused to intervene. Spider-Man was able to defeat Tarantula and he was deported to his native country. Walker eventually conferred with his own superiors and learned that South had been working without official authorization to back the South American country.[2]

Tarantula proved to be as brutal and malicious as his predecessor, and soon was also exiled from the country and on the run from the law. He would encounter Spider-Man again shortly after Peter was depowered but was still defeated. Luis was later killed as part of an initiation ritual for the vigilante team known as the Jury.[3]


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Alvarez's altered physiology granted him increased speed and reflexes.



Both of his boots were equipped with retractable blades coated with poison. The poison, once delivered, could cause a victim to become sluggish and a second (or more powerful) dose could paralyze or kill a victim.

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