General Luis Augustine was the commander of the Santo Marco Armed Forces.[1]

Upon Magneto's departure of Santo Marco, Augustine assumed control of the country,[1] as President and first citizen of the Republic of Santo Marco,[2] plunging it into another era of dictatorship, and prompting the formation by outspoken activist, Carlos Zapatero of the Popular Front for Santo Marco.[1]

Mercenary Parnell Jacobs once ran guns for the Augustine of Santo Marco.[2]

Tension grew, with television talking about tribal grudges and atrocities on both sides of the conflict. Despite the presence of international observers, including United Nations Blue Helmets, President Augustine had the army gather citizens to stadiums to use a retrofitted Sentinel to gene scan them, separating out everyone from the same tribe as the main rebel leaders, before performing mass killings. Such massacre was foiled by the timely intervention of War Machine.[2]

Augustine was later replaced by President Duarte.[3]

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