Quote1.png That's me. The honest guy who got banged up for a crime he never committed. The guy who became a cop just to make sure nobody else ever had to face what I did. I'm the guy who made it my life's purpose to clean up the law, so no one walking the streets has anything to fear from it. Unless they break it, of course. I'm the most honest, the most trusted police commissioner to have ever held the rank. Anyone'll tell you that. Quote2.png
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Luke Cage's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's with the exception that he never gained superpowers from Noah Burstein. He used to be part of a Christian cult because of his parents. He didn't like it and left the cult at age 15, leading him to become an atheist. After being imprisoned for years for a crime he didn't commit, he became a police officer for the DCPD so that never happened again and eventually became a police commissioner. He also became a partner of the hero Nighthawk for years, secretly feeding info to Nighthawk so he could root out criminal activity, but he had to officially say that he was against vigilantes.[1]

He once witnessed Nighthawk battle the Goblin. When Captain Stacy wanted to kill both combatants, Cage refused. After the Goblin tricked Nighthawk into killing his partner, the Falcon, Nighthawk slammed the Goblin into a police cruiser and almost killed him but decided to spare Goblin's life and allow him to be taken into custody.[2]

Another time, Cage and many other officers had to deal with a prison takeover of the Ravencroft Asylum but were held up by Kraven the Hunter who was armed with a shotgun and dressed up as Nighthawk. The real Nighthawk eventually showed up and subdued Kraven so he could be taken into custody.[3]

Lately, a vigilante the media called the Saint was attacking criminals and beating them badly. Cage and the D.C. Police were under pressure to apprehend the Saint. The Saint wasn't Cage's only problem. He antagonized crimeboss Turk Barrett after apprehending one of his men. So, Turk asked one of his insiders in the police force Lieutenant Sanders to kill Cage. The opportunity came when it was discovered that the Saint was Cleric Matthew Murdock of the Church of Mephisto and was holed up in a church.

Cage talked with Murdock and learned that his reason for becoming the Saint was a crisis of faith, something Cage could emphasize with. As Cage and Murdock were coming outside, Sanders saw his chance and ordered his men to open fire on Murdock, knowing Cage would be killed as well. While Murdock was killed, Cage was protected to an extent by a bulletproof vest provided by Nighthawk, and later saved entirely by Nighthawk. Knowing that Sanders tried to kill him, but unable to charge him due to his connections, Cage punched Sanders in the face and told him that he was fired.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Luke Cage of Earth-616



Prototype bulletproof vest provided by Nighthawk




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