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Carlyle is a thief and con-man who worked his way up the corporate ladder, eventually to a trusted position. When the CEO of the company he worked at discovered Carlyle's fraud, Carlyle killed him. Carlyle then hired Otto Octavius under the guise of helping to make him a legitimate researcher and stole his mechanical appendages. Carlyle had the scientists at his company copy Octavius' cybernetic controller, something that "looked like it was made in the 1960s", into a new six-armed power suit. Despite his superior technology, Carlyle was defeated by a combined effort between Octavius and Spider-Man, with Octopus cracking Carlyle's suit and Spider-Man filling the suit with webbing via the crack.[2]


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Carlyle was a normal human who was quite an adept con-artist and thief. He had no respect or awe for people more famous, rich or powerful than him. Carlyle appeared less than 6' tall, with black hair, blue eyes and a penchant for red spectacles. He was devious and manipulative, but not that smart or strong.



He controlled a suit of green metallic armor of high density steel, which could withstand handgun bullets at close range and Dr. Octopus' tentacles. Carlyle's suit featured six powerful tentacles that were based on Dr. Octopus' design but augmented with modern technology like cybernetics and laser-assisted targeting systems, with 2 ending in electrical stunners and the other 4 having mini-tentacles that were flexible, could extend up to 4' and harden like knives. Similar to Octavius' design, the arms were about 6' in length, but could extend to well over 3x that using a sheathed system, and were very strong (probably similar to Octavius' titanium-nobium alloy design). All 6 arms were strong enough to puncture and tear down concrete walls, and could hold him aloft.

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