Luke Carlyle was a wealthy business man until J. Jonah Jameson wrote articles in the Daily Bugle which lead the city to investigate him, revealing that his factories were causing mass pollution, leading to the authorities shutting them down.

Fueled with revenge, he hired a bunch of henchmen and started a bombing spree across the city. After blowing up his own building, he called Jameson anonymously and told him about a set of bombs planted across the city, which Peter Parker heard of, and as Spider-Man, disarmed.

After setting a bomb in a chemical plant, Carlyle met and fought Spider-Man, but escaped. To end Jameson once and for all, the Mad Bomber decided to attack the Daily Bugle Building and kidnap Jameson. After Spider-Man disarmed all the bombs in the Bugle, he chased Luke's helicopter. Carlyle placed an explosive collar on Jameson, which would detonate if he got to far away from him, and threw Jameson out of the helicopter, but he was caught by Spider-Man, who continued to chase the helicopter to prevent Jameson's death and catch the Mad Bomber.

Carlyle tried to kill Spider-Man by firing missiles to him, but Spider-Man defeated him by using his webbing to hurl them back to Luke. Finally, Carlyle and his henchmen escaped using jet packs; however, the Mad Bomber then sets off explosives in their suits stating that he was "handing them their walking papers", while he alone escaped.[1]


Battle armor




Bombs, missiles

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