The man that became Lumen was one of a trio of hired muscles gathered by the Mad Thinker when he set out to form a new Fantastic Four. Using the equipment owned by Rachna Koul, the Mad Thinker granted himself and the rest of the team powers similar to those of the original Fantastic Four. Lumen possessed the ability to bend light waves, with which he could become invisible.[1]

Calling himself Mister Fantastic, the Mad Thinker took his new Fantastic Four to an alternate universe where the Human Torch and The Thing had become stuck during a multiversal journey in the search for their family.[2] The Mad Thinker intended to eliminate them to consolidate his team since he believed they needed to declutter the void left by the Fantastic Four from its remnants. Despite the fact that both the Human Torch and The Thing were powerless, they managed to hold their own against the Thinker's team. Lumen tried to sneak up on the Human Torch, but Johnny noticed him and elbowed him in the face. Lumen was then knocked out by The Thing. After dealing with the remaining members of the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch and The Thing escaped.[1]


Light Wave Bending: Lumen possesses the ability to bend light waves, which allows him to become invisible. When his powers are out of control, he is capable of distorting the perception of the environment around him as well.[1]

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