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Xarth III
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Xarth Three
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The Luminals of Xarth Three are that planet's equivalent of Earth's Avengers, except that they are on a more galactic stage. The Luminals mostly fought an entity known as the Abyss, who is able to turn organics into zombies. Though they thwarted his schemes many times, the Abyss' uncanny ability was to escape from even the most secure prisons. In a desperate gambit to rid themselves of the Abyss, the Luminals brought his prison to Knowhere, a city contained in the giant severed head of Celestial, to cast it into the Rip, a line where the laws of physics don't apply and all matter and energy become nonexistent. Unfortunately, the Abyss began to break out of his prison and began causing a reign of terror on Knowhere. The Luminals somehow managed to survive, while Knowhere's chief of security, Cosmo, saved the unaffected in a dimensional envelope. Unfortunately, after a few days, the Luminals succumbed to the Abyss' control. Only the timely arrival of Nova was able to seal the Abyss back in his prison, using the transmode virus he was infected with to repair the mechanisms of the Abyss' prison.[1]

Lena Sendak became the new Cynosure and leader of the Luminals and they clashed with the Guardians of the Galaxy who had set up their headquarters on Knowhere when a Skrull infiltration had everyone on high alert. She sent her Luminals to hunt down Drax who had gone rogue.[2]


The Luminals are Xarth Three's equivalent of the Avengers.

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