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In the late 37th-early 39th century, Luminesca and her younger brother, Ch'vayre, were classified Alpha-level[1] mutants and raised in a gifted gene-caste, where Ch'vayre dreamed of rank and privilege. In their teens, both siblings became Prelates, serving under Apocalypse's second-in-command, Diamanda Nero, enforcing the mutant class' rule and exterminating dissidents. However, when Apocalypse became debilitated, burning through host bodies faster and faster, Nero assumed much of his power and position, and Luminesca began to visibly resent her authority. Combating the dissident Clan Askani, newly founded by time-traveling Rachel Summers, Nero unleashed the humanoid virus Plague, but ensured that Luminesca and Ch'vayre were within its range as well. Luminesca died, but Rachel nullified the pathogen in time to save Ch'vayre's life.[2]

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Luminesca was classified as an Alpha-Level Mutant.[3]

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