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Luminous was created by the High Evolutionary using genetic material of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.[1] She assisted her "father" in retrieving the Maximoff Twins once they had traveled to the Counter-Earth.[2]

She later assisted the High Evolutionary in his assault on Lowtown, the refuge for a resistance formed by the High Evolutionary's rejects that were rescued by the Low Evolutionary. When the rest of the Avengers Unity Division joined the fray, Luminous confronted the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver once again.[3] She was subdued by Vision, who phased through her, and escaped along with the High Evolutionary through a portal once her creator had been defeated.[4]

She later joined her creator on a mission to gather DNA from Synch. During the fight, he copied her powers and knocked her out, almost turning the tables on the High Evolutionary but he simply activated a kill switch, taking away her powers. Once Luminous regained conciousness, she retreated with the High Evolutionary to his ship with a drop of Synch's blood. On the way, Rogue and Polaris taunted her by telling her she was built with a kill switch.[5]



Chaos Magic: Much like her genetic template, Luminous has access to Chaos Magic, enabling her to achieve the following abilities, including:

  • Reality Warping: Similarly to the Scarlet Witch, Luminous can control chaos magic, even to a greater extent and with a better mastery than her.[2] She can use this ability to alter reality and probability, summon beams of magic, transmute people and objects[4], and even manipulate magic to varying extents.[2]
  • Witchcraft

Force Field Generation: Luminous has been shown to create and manipulate force fields in order to protect herself or encase others within them.[2]

Self-Propelled Flight: On several occasions, she has been shown to levitate and fly at unmeasured speeds.[2]

Superhuman Speed: Luminous can move at superhuman speeds faster than Quicksilver.[2]


Kill Switch: The High Evolutionary built her with a kill switch he controls, so he can temporarily take away her powers anytime he wants.[5]

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