The origin of the Luna-Things are unknown, however their existence was known at least to the Olympians. They were recorded as living on Earth's Moon as early as 1950. When the Olympian love goddess Venus accompanied rocket ship inventor Randy Dover on his mission to the Moon, the pair were attacked by a pack of Luna-Things. Venus used her love powers to drive the hate from the creatures and they soon left the pair unharmed.[1]

The Luna-Things have not been seen since, it is likely they were wiped out on subsequent volcanic eruptions that occurred shortly there after, or were killed off by some other unknown means.

Powers and Abilities


The Luna-Things could breath fire from their mouth.


Habitat: The Moon is a barren mass with no atmosphere and very low gravity. When Venus and Randy Dover encounter the Luna-Things, they were able to breath on the Moon without the aid of space suits. One can assume that the Luna-Things were living on the Kree made Blue Area of the moon which contains its own oxygen based atmosphere.


Type of Government: None applicable.
Level of Technology: None.

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