This alien race lived on what was believed to be a second moon that orbited around the Earth, invisible from detection at least from 20th Century space exploration technology on Earth. They claimed that while they orbited around the sun they required to take water from Earth in order to survive. They developed a device to pull all the surface water from Earth, taking the little they needed and returning the rest. If their story is to be believed their orbit between the Sun and the Earth must take millions of years as there have been no known recorded history of Earth's water supply being displaced until 1954.[1]

When it did occur the Earth was in state of chaos with the sudden water shortage and in particular the people of Atlantis faced impending extinction without water. During a crisis meeting of the United Nations, world leaders erroneously blamed the Sub-Mariner for the disappearance of the water. Informed of this by his friend Betty Dean, Namor was furious and sought to get revenge against the surface world, unaware that Atlantis was in peril as well. Correctly deducing that only water on the planets surface was stolen, Namor exposed an underground water supply and dug it up, the alien's device then pulled the water and Namor to their world.[1]

There the aliens explained their need of Earth's water, and Namor convinced the aliens to keep the entire supply of water. He suddenly realized that he was dooming his own people when his mother, Princess Fen, communicated with him telepathically and informed him of the trouble in Atlantis. Namor then tried to convince the aliens to return the water but they refused. Namor fought them and got to their device and reversed it, returning all the stolen water to Earth.[1]

The aliens have not been seen since, their fate is unknown.


Habitat: Rocky barren landscape
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


Level of Technology: From what can be observed, the Lunarians were not a highly advanced race but the were able to build a device to draw water from entire planets to their world once close enough. It appears that the Lunarians' homeworld needs to be within lunar orbit of a planet to do so.


The aliens featured in Sub-Mariner Comics #36 are never actually named; they are called "Lunarians" here as the narrative of the story they appear in claims that their homeworld was actually a second moon that orbits around the Earth.

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