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The Lunatic Legion was a group of Kree who held strict beliefs on racial purity and the dominance of blue-skinned Kree. They had two primary goals: first, they wanted to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence and secondly was the death of the Kree hero Captain Mar-Vell, who was a pink-skinned Kree. The group operated initially from the Blue Area of the Moon.[1]


The Legion experimented on a human by the name of Robert Hunter and turned him into Nitro the "Living Bomb" and sent him on a mission to steal the highly lethal Compound 13, a nerve gas capable of causing huge amounts of destruction and death.[2] This resulted in the fateful battle between Nitro and Mar-Vell that led to Captain Mar-Vell's cancer,[3] which would be ultimately his demise.[4] Later, they sent the two androids named Living Laser and Nimrod the Hunter, to kill Captain Marvel and Rick Jones. They were both fairly easily destroyed by The Wasp and Captain Marvel respectively.[5][6]


Unable to defeat the Earth's protector, the Legion fled back to their home planet Hala where they were summoned to an audience with the Supreme Intelligence. The Intelligence proposed an alliance with them to eliminate Captain Mar-Vell, though the real purpose of this was to pit the Legion into a battle they could not win against Captain Mar-Vell. The plan worked, and the Legion was defeated.[7]



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